The exclusive focus of this course: a 99th percentile (330-340 range) score

The exclusive focus of this course: a 99th percentile (330-340 range) score

Class Room Course

2 months classroom sessions in all areas of the GRE (Verbal, Quant and AWA) The most comprehensive and truly self-sufficient GRE Program on the entire planet. Exclusive focus on 99th percentile (330-340 range) scores. All concepts, from the most basic to the most advanced are covered in extreme detail. But the questions covered in this course are all 'Above-300' level (with a special focus on solving the top-tier percentile questions, the 330-340 range) Pre-work driven course (you will be required to do some pre-work: read some concepts, watch some elementary videos, and / or solve some exercises) before attending each session. This is not a casual "walk-in" course. Extreme amount of sincerity expected from the student. ABSOLUTELY no excuses will be entertained for not finishing the Pre-work. The backbone of this course is PRE-WORK. Absolutely comprehensive material (the most exhaustive content on this planet) includes:
  • 2 months of classes and 2 months of mocks.
  • Every single question taught by our copyrighted techniques: OCTAVE (RC), PRIME (SC), ACT (CR), ACED (DS), LINGO (PS)
  • 15 Mock Tests (the closest simulation to the real thing) with detailed solutions – the maximum by any institute in the world
  • More than 10,000 practice questions – the maximum by any institute in the world
  • You are not supposed to refer to anything else at all. Not even one word!
  • Personalisation: guidance related to execution, pacing, stamina, concentration, mock performances, and customisation of the content based on individual performances
  • AWA fully covered
  • Profile Evaluation + Preliminary guidance related to B-School Admissions
Exclusive feature of this course: personalised, on demand, doubt-clearing sessions. Guaranteed ≥330 score if you do all that is expected of you. For a serious 99th percentile aspirant, there is no better course on the entire planet.

These sessions will be followed by:

  1. After these classes are over, you will need some time to develop finesse with each of the subjects – the final finishing touches needed to go from 280-300 to 330-340!
  2. Needless to say, in addition to developing concepts during the teaching phase, you will need to develop pacing, concentration, stamina, and mental toughness required on the exam day – the biggest differentiators between a 280 score and a 330 score
  3. More than 5000 practice questions in all areas – to go from 70% raw accuracy to the level of 95-100% finesse
  4. 15 Mock Tests
  5. Test-taking strategies for a 99th percentile score
  6. Personalised Mock Analysis / Mock Discussion Sessions
  7. Doubt Clearing Sessions from the practice content
  8. General counseling / Pep-talk sessions
  9. Guidance on exam readiness: when to book the date + last-minute exam tips

Fresh Class Room Batches starting every Weekend. Fast-tracking / customizing options also available.

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We will call you briefly to understand you: your academic and work background, your target score, your target b-schools / universities, whether you are starting afresh or have had any exposure to the test, your strong and weak areas, your timelines etc.

The DEMO: We will then direct you to the Demo. In the Demo, Sandeep will introduce you to some of the latest questions that have been asked in the last 3 months on the real GMAT and teach you the best approaches to solve them (OCTAVE, PRIME, ACT, ACED and LINGO). He will give you a DEMO on all the 5 Major topics in GMAT (RC, SC, CR, PS and DS). Once you finish the demo, we will call you once more.

In this call, we will try to understand how much time you can spend per day or per week and guide you for your next plan of action. We will suggest the right material for your specific needs. We will also customize the entire GMAT preparation for you.

Thereafter, we will take up all your questions / doubts / queries, address them one by one, and guide you on the next steps.

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This single call / demo appointment can change the entire direction of your efforts towards the 99th percentile (760-800 range) score on the GMAT.

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