The exclusive focus of this course: a 99th percentile (760-800 range) score

The exclusive focus of this course: a 99th percentile (760-800 range) score

Course Structure

The ideal study plan involves two key phases of preparation. Every week, you must learn, savour, and cement the concepts without any time pressure, but within the same week, you MUST put yourself under the scanner of the TIMER.
Each week is divided into two phases:

From Monday to Friday, you study from our material (Concepts files, Practice docs, and Videos) – to build concepts extremely thoroughly by repeating, rewinding, pausing, re-watching, savouring, and taking your own sweet time to complete the homework. In addition, you get one live doubt-clearing classes every week.

In this phase, the metaphorical gloves are off and we’re going to get right into it. Over the weekend, during the LIVE PACING DRILLS, you attempt one full mock (split over two days). This mock is followed by a LIVE, two-way discussion of all the questions, execution strategies, and test-taking techniques. On Saturdays, we will take up a mock Quant Section, and on Sundays, we will take a mock Verbal Section. When you attend these drills, you’ll condition your brain to operate optimally under the scanner of the timer and get a reality check to assess your level of preparation, maxing out the efficacy of your preparation.

This overarching approach to the GMAT has helped us to attain 10X higher success rates than those accomplished by other training companies. With no accountability or personalised guidance, students shouldering multiple responsibilities soon grow disenchanted or get frustrated, leading them to fall off the wagon and NEVER complete the course they signed up for!

With the blend of 3 live online and in-person sessions and full fledged self paced learning package, we offer you a perfect balance of flexibility, discipline, and personalised support. Our highly qualified team of instructors brings accountability, identifies kinks in your preparation, and provides timely, strategic inputs to wipe out any obstruction to your success.

These sessions will be followed by







Class Room Course

Class Room Course is a two-way interactive session in all areas of the GMAT (Verbal, Quant, IR and AWA) We focus exclusively on 760-800 range scores. The course demands a lot of sincerity from students. All concepts, from the most basic (200 level) to the most advanced (800 level), are covered in extreme detail. But the questions covered in this course are all 'Above-700' level (with a special focus on solving the top-tier percentile questions, the 760-800 range) It’s pre-work driven course. Before attending each session, you will be asked to read some concepts or solve some exercise. Remember : The backbone of this course is Pre Work. You are supposed to study only from the material that we provide and nothing else. We have the most comprehensive and the most exhaustive material which includes. All the material (online) will be provided by us. You are not supposed to study anything else at all. Absolutely comprehensive material (the most exhaustive content on this planet) includes:
  • Books for Basic Concepts:
  • Books for Advanced Concepts
  • Absolutely unique copyrighted techniques: OCTAVE (RC), PRIME (SC), ACT (CR), ACED (DS), LINGO (PS)
  • Classroom Session Handouts: learn how to solve 760-800 level questions in less than 60 seconds. Each question in these handouts is handpicked after a lot of research / deliberation.
  • Follow-up exercises to the session handouts
  • Advanced practice (10,000 plus questions)
  • Latest real-GMAT questions
  • All the material related to the GMAT in the entire GMAT universe
  • Detailed solutions to all the questions discussed anywhere in the material
Exclusive feature of this course: Unlimited personalised, one on one doubt-clearing sessions. Guaranteed ≥760 score if you do all that is expected of you. For a serious GMAT 99th percentile aspirant, there is no better course on the entire planet.

Fresh Class Room Batches starting every Weekend.
Fast-tracking / customising options also available.

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The DEMO: We will then direct you to the Demo. In the Demo, Sandeep will introduce you to some of the latest questions that have been asked in the last 3 months on the real GMAT and teach you the best approaches to solve them (OCTAVE, PRIME, ACT, ACED and LINGO). He will give you a DEMO on all the 5 Major topics in GMAT (RC, SC, CR, PS and DS). Once you finish the demo, we will call you once more.

In this call, we will try to understand how much time you can spend per day or per week and guide you for your next plan of action. We will suggest the right material for your specific needs. We will also customize the entire GMAT preparation for you.

Thereafter, we will take up all your questions / doubts / queries, address them one by one, and guide you on the next steps.

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